Mobility analysis as a biomarker

Non invasive biomarker for movement data

Specializing in walking analysis as an indicator of health to detect patterns in walking and mobility using videos and wearables.

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Gait Analysis by video


Pain management

Patients can document areas and intensity of pain over time to see effiency of treatment.

movement analysis

Movement analysis

Gather information about a patient's movement from videos and wearable devices.

movement analysis


Automated data extraction to track over time and personalize treatments.

Gait analysis graphs

Don't break your flow

Documentation takes up to 27% of therapist's time and interrupts your workflow.

25% of time spent documenting


Pendulum Companion

Pendulum Companion

Supports remote management of patients

Pendulum Capture

Pendulum Capture

Movement analysis by extracting information from video.

Pendulum Walker

Pendulum Walker

A sensor for gait analysis, early ND detection, and fall risk.

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